Hooman…You stay here 😳😍 – Extremely FUNNY CAT VIDEOS compilation



We’re sure you noticed that the world loves watching cat videos. Cats are funny because they act like high-status characters when in actuality they have half the intelligence of dogs. They’re really stupid and they act like they’re really smart. There’s nothing funnier than that.

First off, cats were never bred to work with humans, unlike horses for riding and dogs for hunting and service. This also means that we have a hard time understanding them and what they do, which we find funny and bizarre, so we laugh at it.

Our cats actually think we are bigger cats. They meow at us like we are their mothers. ‘As Professor John Bradshaw told New York Magazine, meowing is thought of “as an absolutely classic cat behavior, but it’s something they’ve learned to do to get our attention. It’s really something they’ve adopted as a way of communicating with humans.”’ I know that seems impossible to believe but it is why we don’t understand what they want most of the time.

Another interesting one was that cats are very confused why we do not cover our poop. We flush it down the toilet. This a big reason why they often watch us in the bathroom. They recognize the smell and that we are displaying dominance but don’t we just leave it there?

“Cats are our furry little reminders that there’s a whole animal kingdom outside our walls. Knocking over papers, sleeping on laptops, or breaking into the pantry and eating all the Rice Krispies provides us with a much-needed connection to the wild world. So, thanks cats, for reminding us where we came from and who we really are.” ~ Kate Dempsey

Cats Make You Smile gives you little dose of cat vines.



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